Letter: Beauregard’s abysmal record speaks for itself


Before casting your vote to re-elect John Beauregard to the NS Town Council please take a minute to review his record.

There have been many documented actions which demonstrate Mr. Beauregard’s propensity to violate, disregard or side step rules and regulations, and requirements of the Town Charter as well as state laws.  While Mr. Beauregard served as Council President, Rhode Island’s Attorney General found the town council had violated the state’s Open Meetings Law. Beauregard dismissed the ruling, by stating it was just a “technical” violation of the law.  Council President Beauregard, who has served 4 years on the town council, has failed to comply with Rhode Island’s campaign finance reporting laws 15 out of 30 times since 2016.  Town Charter requirements, such as Article XVI, Sec. 8 “Financial interest prohibited”, have been ignored.

Mr. Beauregard’s close relationship with some developers is reason for great concern.  Mr. Beauregard purchased a buildable lot of land from a local developer.  Beauregard’s purchase allowed the developer to avoid having to comply with a costly town ordinance applicable to his subdivision.  It was a good deal for the developer and a very sweet deal for Mr. Beauregard, but unfortunately it had an adverse financial impact on residents in the neighborhood.  (For additional details see “Cliff Notes by Mike Clifford” on Facebook).

Councilperson Beauregard and his teammate Administrator Zwolenski passed the Solar Array Ordinance which allowed one developer’s project to bypass the traditional review and approval process.  Mr. Beauregard stated at the time he was concerned the boards would make the “wrong” decision.  The “windfall” of new revenue he boasted of, ended up being an annual payment to the town of less than what one large box store at Dowling Village pays in taxes yearly.  By sheer coincidence, Mr. Beauregard received five $1,000 campaign contributions from five contributors one year.  He contended at the time, he didn’t even know the contributors but most of those contributions were given by individuals with ties to a local developer and the solar industry.

Mr. Beauregard portrays himself as being fiscally responsible but his actions reflect just the opposite.  In 2014 voters approved bonds for the renovations of Kendal Dean and the current police station.  Mr. Beauregard’s very first move in 2016 was to disband the building committee whose members had begun the renovation project and created a new committee appointing his political allies.  His new committee (the MBRTF) quickly abandoned the idea of renovating the station.  Instead, they set to work promoting construction of a new grossly oversized “Taj Mahal” station projected to be triple the cost of the original renovation project.  Since 2016 the committee has not spent one penny on any substantial repairs to the current police station.  Apparently Mr. Beauregard and his allies feel that voters in 2014 made the “wrong” decision so they’re correcting it for us. In seeking re-election Mr. Beauregard cites the July fireworks

Kid’s Days in the Park, and a new Art Committee as examples of his “successes”.  A Town Council President should be focusing on road repairs, keeping taxes down, being fiscally responsible , and ensuring proper maintenance of the town’s infrastructure; not acting like an activities director at a summer camp. 

Mike Clifford

North Smithfield

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  1. To quote John Beauregard on 10/26/16 in The Valley Breeze: “People get too comfortable in their positions and in many cases become too powerful or worse, they get sloppy. New blood means new energy and new ideas. It offers a fresh perspective on issues. So it seems that it is time to get some new people on the Council and let them give it a try. And if they fail, then in two years throw them out too. When you walk into that booth, look for a name that you have never seen on the ballot before and give them a chance, even if it is not me. Remember things cannot change unless we change things.”

  2. If anyone would like to see for themselves , the validity of deed information as to property transfer, as posted by Mike Clifford…..see:
    i2b.uslandrecords.com, choose North Smithfield RI from scroll down….then up comes,
    i2l.uslandrecords.com….allow pop ups for that site….and voila! All documents at your fingertips.
    And further….
    RI GEN. LAW…34-11-1.4…..states …the FULL consideration paid for a property MUST be recorded on the DEED.

  3. Cliff notes by Michael Clifford has blocked me and deleted my comments. BUT I still have a question for him? Is Mr. Clifford going to admit he was incorrect on this alleged infraction? I have acquired the deed in question and upon review….. The tax stamp in the lower right hand corner shows the amount of taxes paid. Then I went and found the tax rate for the year of the transaction. I did a little math and BOOM I know exactly how much the lot was purchased for. Anyone with a real estate license could have easily pointed this out. Don’t you have a real estate license Mikey???? Michael Clifford is nothing but fraud and an internet bully.

    • RI GEN LAWS….34-11-1.4
      Mike Clifford is indeed correct….
      The FULL amount of the consideration paid on a property transfer MUST BE DOCUMENTED ON THE DEED.

    • I will try again….hopefully this is posted….
      Validity of info posted by Mr Clifford….he is correct!
      RI GEN LAW….34-11-1.4
      The FULL consideration paid MUST be on the DEED.
      See on i2l.uslandrecords.com…

    • Mr Nault,
      You would not have had to figure out the consideration paid on the property per looking at the tax stamps and past tax rates…..HAD THE FULL CONSIDERATION PAID FOR THE PROPERTY, BEEN PUT ON THE DEED….as REQUIRED…by LAW. As Mike Clifford has tried to educate you on. You might wish HIM an apology. He was correct.

  4. What senior citizen and disabled benefits have been done? None. As the population ages what have they in regards to transportation to and fro, assistance with Dr appts, shopping, etc….no great help. RIPTA IS VERY LIMITED IN LOCATION, and a real hassle.
    So how does one get to the drop off or pick up point miles away? No taxis, no senior center, nothing to help make life a tad easier on them who may need mobility help. Hopefully there is a friend, neighbor, or family left to help, but many times, no. So is North Smithfield a good place to age with services? Not for the independent homebound or disabled individual compared to other towns or cities.
    You increase property taxes but add no services or center. Thus making it harder to afford things and get out from being homebound and enjoy life some still. And saying it is bad choices that led to that, is totally ignorant. They may have money but you just haven’t the services.

  5. Hopefully he is “NO” vote for many, as his platform is built around, higher taxes, not being fiscally responsible, and not being transparent. This town deserves better, it’s time for a change.

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