Newberry outlines credentials, reasons for running in campaign for N.S. town administrator


 NORTH SMITHFIELD – Elizabeth “Beth” Newberry has announced her candidacy for a four year term as North Smithfield Town Administrator.

Newberry, a political independent, had no plans to run for office until recent revelations involving inappropriate personal conduct in the current administration that were widely reported in detail. Said Newberry, “North Smithfield has had a strong small town, cozy feel and is a place I have always been proud to call home. I was saddened to read sworn deposition testimony in a recently concluded lawsuit, that has given the town a public black eye and is frankly an embarrassment to every resident.”

Newberry is a 25 year resident of the town. She holds a bachelor’s of science in textile design from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, and has operated her own independent direct sales business with local nontoxic manufacturer Pure Haven for 15 years, leading a team that has fluctuated in size up to more than 2,000 members. She is one of only two consultants with the company to have reached her level or higher and received the prestigious Consultant of the Year award in 2021.

She notes she also has a long track record of volunteerism. A past president of the Junior League of Rhode Island, she served as that organization’s fund development council director, chairperson of the community service committee, and in several other leadership roles.  She served for two years on the Woonsocket YMCA Board of Directors, for which tenure she received the 2007 Volunteer of the Year Award. She also served on the state Board of Directors of Common Cause of Rhode Island for two years and headed up their fundraising efforts, for which she received an award for substantially increasing their giving through a phone-a-thon. During her time volunteering with Common Cause, she also recruited and led volunteers during a joint effort with Brown University to study access to public records. In addition, she is a member of the Permanent Deaconate at Central Congregational Church. As a member of the Board of Deacons she served as chairperson during the 2019-2020 fiscal year. She also headed up the church’s Stewardship Committee for three years and taught Sunday school for many years when her kids were young.

Newberry has three adult children, two of whom graduated from North Smithfield High School while the third graduated from Beacon Charter High School for the Arts in Woonsocket, where she continues to be involved with annual fundraising efforts.  Her daughter Diane lives in Georgia with her partner, Val, while son Liam lives in North Smithfield and son Aidan serves in the United States Army, currently based in California. Her husband of 30 years, Brian, has served as state representative in the General Assembly for North Smithfield and Burrillville for many years.

“My experience in varied leadership roles throughout the years makes me well qualified to bring professionalism to the management of the town with a strong focus on collaboration and respect,” Newberry said.

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  1. Best of luck Beth, I look forward to hearing more about your ideas, platform and goals to help the town!

  2. Beth Newberry is very nice woman with many, many years of volunteer service. That being said, North Smithfield needs a professional individual with a very strong business background, an extensive resume and the credibility to put us on the right path. Scott Gibbs would be the professional candidate that this town desperately needs.

    • Wow!!! So soon to start the smear and discredit campaign of Mrs. Newberry. Quite sad, all she did was issue a release about her candidacy and background and you instantly trash her. I see you have your marching orders from
      the cliff notes general and his neighbor.

      • Sorry to inform you of this Dennis F, (??) but Mary Cimini and I do not always share the same political views. For example,Mary does not support Representative Brian Newberry and I always have, and still do. Just once it would great to see you use your full name and post a comment relative to the topic of the article, rather than attacking others who have shared their opinions on the subject.

        It’s interesting that you focused on Mary’s comment but didn’t address the other 3 posts. Mary’s comment acknowledged Beth’s good character and applauded her record of service as a volunteer. Clearly, the other 3 comments were far less complimentary. Obviously, the aim of your comment was simply to take a shot at Mary and I, while portraying yourself as a noble individual defending Beth.

        Lol, funny that you used Dennis F as your alias today, since the real Dennis F was one of your biggest critics. Nice try!

  3. ‘Pure Haven’ fka ‘Ava Anderson Non-Toxic’ is an MLM, a pyramid scheme. One that has been particularly plagued by scandal even in that industry, cited by the USDA for mislabeling inorganic products and products with potentially hazardous ingredients, also mislabeled. This mostly came out in 2015 & 2016, more than 5 years into Newberry’s tenure as “one of only two consultants with the company to have reached her level”.

  4. Let’s be real. Because she excelled in the world of TEXTILES…in no way means she will be a good fit for the town admin. Best of luck but who else is running?

  5. Pure Haven is a Multi Level Marketing scheme selling trash. It used to be Ava Anderson Non Toxic and was hit by the USDA almost 10 years ago. Our town is in need of real change, and we should be looking for someone who has experience with managing budgets and people, and NOT a literal snake oil salesman!

  6. Wow Beth, I had no idea you were running. You know and love the town and its people. You’ll certainly do a wonderful job as you have with all your endeavors. They will be so lucky to have you.

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