Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Letter: Jarvis should be recognized for contributions to the Xpress program & community

Often times, we fail to give recognition to those who give back and support programs they have been part of, but more importantly the community they belong to. Although we have so many boys...

Advice from the Trenches: Help-rejecting clingers

Welcome to Advice From the Trenches, a monthly feature on NRI NOW. Advice From The Trenches combines the clinical experience of a double boarded psychiatrist, with a slap-in-the-face dose of reality from an artist and writer who has gathered...

From the editor’s desk: Northern Rhode Island is lucky indeed

The work of a journalist is not for everyone. There's the long government meetings - sitting through hours of sometimes tedious debate and discussion in hopes to help translate the important actions of local...

Letter: Withholding payment on bills is not responsible, unfair to vendors

Dear Editor,As the chairman of the Budget Committee, I feel compelled to address recent criticisms aimed at our finance director and town administrator. The decision by the Town Council to withhold payment on bills...

Advice from the Trenches: Valentine’s Day massacre

Welcome to Advice From the Trenches, a monthly feature on NRI NOW. In this month’s column, writer Cathren Housley addresses a timely question about the lies and commercialism of Valentine's Day. Housley uses practical knowledge and wisdom from...

Letter: Elimination of state funding would put land conservation groups out of a job

Many of you have already heard that the current Rhode Island fiscal year 2025 state budget does not include any funds for land and water conservation programs that we in the Burrillville Land Trust...

Letter: Opinions continue to rule the day in North Smithfield

Opinions continue to rule the day in North Smithfield, much to our detriment.  In contrast, I offer a few facts as we dive into 2024: * We have no definitive proof of where the PFAS-contamination...