Letter: Current N.S. Town Council has notable achievements


One of the most egregious tactics of politics leading up to our local election has been the constant undermining of leadership in an effort to bring in candidates who would enforce an agenda on North Smithfield that aligns with a national strategy that is damaging the very character of our country.

We see the same old half-truths, magnification of any possible slips by the incumbents, and hammering away by negative ads, social media, and public notices. Please, look beyond the words and focus on proven achievements when casting your precious vote.

The current (North Smithfield) Town Council is responsible for two years of smooth operation and notable achievements at a most challenging time. We have a council that has produced not only a fiscally sound town operation, passed a budget two years in a row that didn’t additionally burden residents, and they did this while supporting an increase in Veterans Tax Exemption, moved on how to proceed with the Halliwell project site, and advocated for the senior members of our community.

I had the need recently for EMT attention and, thanks in large part to the addition of two new EMTs, the response was swift and effective.

While the School Committee meetings have often been contentious, due in part to lack of response and little respect by that committee to parent concerns for students, the Town Council has listened and responded for more to residents, and meetings there are characterized by a show of respect for citizen input. The periodic combined meetings of Town Council and School Committee and administrator have been cohesive events.

Our town has a character that needs to be protected. We do need the planned improvements expressed by John Beauregard, Steve Corriveau, and Claire O’Hara in their campaign statements, and judging by their proven efforts, I believe our community will become more attractive to good businesses that will lessen the tax burden for residents. We need Clare’s wisdom, and the creative energies of John and Steven on the council and leadership that will support our First and Second Amendment rights.

Anne Marie Omweg

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  1. If anyone doubts the validity of deeds info Mike Clifford has ever posted……go see for yourself…..on
    i2b.uslandrecords.com…..choose North Smithfield ri from the scroll down, it will lead to
    i2l.uslandrecords.com….and you will need to allow,pop ups for that page for the documents to come up for your viewing. Nuf said.

    And remember, RI Gen Laws says….34-11.1.4 …the FULL AMOUNT of consideration paid for a property MUST be indicated on the DEED itself…..You CANNOT use anything else ….that is the LAW.

  2. Anne, how is the road condition on pound hill road. I guess stating you support maintaining infrastructure and roads but the people you support voted to cut the road maintenance budget and have never funded the correct amount. Then the people you support state all of the great things added in the town and spent with tax dollars but they say they are for keeping taxes low. Not a group I can trust. Also hold onto your wallet for the Taj Mahal police station and the roads will get worse.

    Here is a better statement by John Beauregard’s ad “keeping taxes down even after coming out of the pandemic”. I don’t know about you but my taxes went up isn’t that the opposite of down.

    • The inflated housing market and revaluation of homes led to the tax increases. Woonsocket Hill road is beautiful after improvements. How many roads do we have in North Smithfield? Do you expect that they all get done at once?

      • I expect them to do the roads they determined by an agency in order of failed, within in 2 years of failing, within 5 years of failing, within 10 years of failing. Which at the time, my road was within 2 years, which is now according to the study failed. They also didn’t do both sides of Woonsocket Hill Road, so it’s not beautiful on the side that I see on a regular basis.

      • Anne, Are you kidding the portion of Woonsocket hill road from great road to just before Wrights Diary is awful. They also need to pave more than one small stretch of road each year. The roads are awful but we need to expand the football parking lot that is not needed for a handful of games. Wrong priorities of current elected politicians. Anne maybe you also need to take a finance course if the spending is the same and houses are revalued then the tax rate is adjusted down to equate the spending, thus no increase. But if you actually looked at the budget for this year spending the budget to budget increase is 2% thus taxes increased not justifying the statement keeping taxes down. But I do understand that people who support the current council have very little financial knowledge as does the council. Also from the school math test scores I see math is not the strong point of the town.

  3. Indeed! You are spot on! They have my vote on Tuesday. I am so tired of the propaganda being posted and people need to look and research the facts instead of listening to the Cliff Notes PITBULLS. We have made so much progress in the last two years and we need to continue to move forward.

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