Christmas Sunday cartoon: Kids ‘Home Safe Home’ Toy Safety


BURRILLVILLE – It’s Christmas, and that means there are plenty of unwrapped gifts and toys in your house and apartment right now that may cause trips and falls if not properly put away after usage.

Unintentional injuries are preventable in the home if individuals take the time to make sure items and toys are not left unattended on open floor space. Kids should be reminded often to put their toys in safe places in their bedrooms and play areas after they are done playing with them. Toys strewn across bedroom, playroom, parlor and kitchen floors are an accident just waiting to happen.

The most dangerous place to leave any toys unattended is on stairways and steps. It’s bad enough to trip, or step on a toy, and fall on a flat surface such as a floor, but stairways and steps are incredibly dangerous when it comes to falls. Closets are a good place to put away toys. Toys can also be safely tucked under a bed to help prevent unintended trips and falls.

A majority of households have a big toy box in a child’s bedroom and playroom for kids to put their toys in once they are done playing with them. When playtime is over, all toys should be safely put away somewhere away from family feet to help keep everyone safer in the home. If you do happen to have a toy box in a room for a child’s toys, please make sure it does not have a lid on top. No lid toy boxes are much safer for little kids and prevent injuries that could occur if a heavy toy box lid should happen to fall forward and strike a child on a body part like little fingers and hands or even worse; a child’s head.

Kids are out of school this week for Christmas break so make sure all of those new toys have a safe place to be stored away between playtimes. Let’s all have a safer and happy holiday season and make sure all toys are put away safely to help prevent trips and falls in the home.

Please also remember to recycle gift boxes and wrapping paper. If it can be reused again in the future, then that’s a plus too. So, grab some of those kids’ new crayons, markers and colored pencils they received as Christmas gifts and join your child in coloring in this week’s Sunday cartoon while discussing the importance of keeping toys off of floors and safely put away when not in use. Family safety begins in the home.

Have a “Home Safe Home” everyone! 

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