Sunday cartoon: Cross streets safely, kids


BURRILLVILLE – I’m on the road a lot, and now that school has started, I’m witnessing quite a few kids running across streets to get over to bus stops without looking to see if vehicles are approaching from either direction. I also see kids crossing in the middle of streets and not at crosswalks. Riding bikes on the road and street instead of sidewalks is not safe for any bike rider. I see this way too often as well. This is very dangerous for kids and could put them in harm’s way.

This Sunday coloring cartoon and article reminds kids to look both ways before crossing streets. Kids should only cross streets when it is safe. I see blind spots, short bends and sharp corners on roads and streets near bus stops that might impede drivers’ vision when approaching – often seemingly from out of nowhere. If the drivers can’t see a child crossing a street, and are not paying attention to their surroundings, it’s hazardous to everyone involved. I have physically put my truck between a vehicle and a child crossing a street on more than a few occasions when I see a driver approaching and not paying attention. I’ve stopped to let kids cross the street at a corner and have seen a driver try to pass me on the left, unaware that I’m letting kids cross in front of my truck. I quickly open my drivers side door and yell at that driver to stop before he or she hits someone. It happens. It shouldn’t happen, especially in towns and cities with roads wide enough for two vehicles to be driven alongside each other.

If you drive a vehicle in the mornings before school begins for the day or after the school day ends when kids are walking home, riding bikes or being dropped off at bus stops, slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. Running late? Leave earlier in the morning to avoid speeding or driving recklessly just to get to work on time. It could save a child’s life.

If you have a child, or children, that walk or ride bikes to school, or take the bus to school, then please use this coloring cartoon and communicate with them about the importance of looking both ways before crossing streets. These Bus Stop Kids coloring cartoons were created to remind kids about pedestrian, biking, school bus and bus stop safety during the school year.

Have a safe school year kids!

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