Case against Bryant basketball coach dismissed in N.S.


NORTH SMITHFIELD – The North Smithfield Police Department has announced that the case against a college head coach that made headlines in October has officially been dismissed.

Jared Grasso, the 43-year-old men’s head basketball coach at Bryant University, was accused of a misdemeanor charge of failure to stop following an incident on Sunday, Oct. 1, when he had allegedly fled the scene of a crash on Route 146.

Police later released body camera footage from an officer’s visit to Grasso’s North Smithfield home documenting strange and erratic behavior during questioning.

According to a release, the town of North Smithfield filed for dismissal of the case on Tuesday, Nov. 7. 

“Mr. Grasso’s insurance carrier accepted all liability in this matter; therefore, the case was dismissed,” the release noted.

Bryant had previously placed Grasso on a leave of absence in late September.

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  1. How much police time was wasted on this hit and run and lied his butt off?
    That alone should have charges attached to it. Not even a disorderly conduct charge (the catch-all charge when they have nothing else)? Yeah, this crap is not adding up….

  2. If his insurance paid for the damages to the other vehicle then that would mean that he had to admit he caused the accident. So then per the video he lied to the police since he said he was hit in the parking lot. So is this an individual that should be coaching the basketball team at a prestigious University.

    • Mr. Grasso and his Team have Embarrassed The Town of North Smithfield , its Police Department and the Legal System . I doubt very much he’ll be able to Pass his Bullshit at Bryant University, start packing. And listen to your Wife get back in the house.

  3. This is very confusing. Why would the police dismiss the case because “Mr. Grasso’s insurance carrier accepted all liability in this matter; therefore, the case was dismissed,” ? Simply because someone’s insurance carrier accepts all liability the case get’s dismissed? Since when does insurance coverage release someone from charges of leaving the scene of an accident? Are cases of all people who carry insurance dismissed? Mike Clifford

  4. What’s the message we take away from this?
    Was this person not caught dead to rights?
    Did he tell the truth about the damage happening at the restaurant? Does not appear to be the case is the insurance is accepting liability.
    What did the video from the restaurant show? Nothing?

    Setting a bad precedent here. The next one to perpetuate a hit and run here in town can ask for the charges to be dropped if they are insured and are covered? Is that how it works?

    How can they ever charge anyone with a hit and run when equal application of the law is required?
    The next one charged for hit and run might be able to make a case for unequal application under the law.

    It’s RI, I know a guy!

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