Sunday cartoon: Stay dry, warm & safe kids


BURRILLVILLE – We have our first major snowfall of the season and it is very important that kids are aware of the potential hazards related to outdoor winter activities involving the cold weather, snow and ice.

One of the first things little kids need to be aware of is staying dry, warm and safe while playing outside and shoveling snow on sidewalks and driveways in their neighborhoods. The Bus Stop Kids want to remind children to always bundle up and wear layers of clothing while participating with outdoor activities. It is also very important that kids limit their outdoor activities, and take time to rest and go inside to warm up and dry off during the colder winter months. Never stay outside for a long period of time – especially if a child is wearing wet clothing and tired from playing and shoveling snow.

Building a snowman is a lot of fun for kids but they need to go inside to rest, warm up and dry off often to avoid catching colds or suffering from exhaustion. Kids should never play or participate with winter activities alone. Kids should always buddy up and have someone else with them to help keep everyone safer outside in the cold weather. While resting and warming up inside, it’s also a great idea to drink a cup of hot chocolate, eat a sandwich, munch on a nutritious snack or have a bowl of hot soup before heading back outside again. Kids should always wear warm hats on their heads in order to help maintain a warmer body temperature. They should bundle up in loose fitting clothing and should not wear restrictive or tight-fitting coats that limit a child’s mobility. Wear boots, not shoes or sneakers, while playing outside in the snow. Keep feet dry. Gloves or mittens should be worn on little hands while ear muffs and scarves can also help keep kids warmer while playing, sledding and shoveling snow outside during the winter months. Keep scarves safely tucked inside coats to avoid them getting snagged or caught on sleds. Only sled on safe hills and always avoid streets and parking lots.

Have fun and play it safe in the snow kids!

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