Cameras coming to Pacheco, other town parks in North Smithfield

Public Works Director Raymond Pendergast

NORTH SMITHFIELD – Wireless cameras will soon keep a watchful eye over recreation areas in North Smithfield in an effort aimed at curbing vandalism and crime in town parks.

Public Works Director Raymond Pendergast told town councilors last week that the long-planned initiative can now move forward following the recent removal of several trees that were blocking the wifi signal by the owners of Hercules Pizza.

“We now have a direct shot from the old Town Hall where we can use that wifi,” Pendergast said, in reference to Memorial Town Hall, a building now managed by the North Smithfield Heritage Association.

Last year, he noted, the town received an estimate of $11,000 to $12,000 for installation of a wireless camera system, but had no access to a signal at the time to make it function.

“We had no wifi down at Scouter”s and at that whole complex, therefore, you can’t put wireless cameras down there,” Pendergast said.

The public works director said he will now get updated estimates for the project, with hopes to also install cameras at the Paul Kelly Complex and the park at North Smithfield Elementary School.

“Then, we can at least have an educated conversation about this,” he said.

“I’d like to get that done sooner rather than later,” Pendergast said. “I think it’s long overdue, survielance cameras in all of our facilities. It’s only a matter of time before something happens.”

Last April, bigoted vandalism – including swastikas – was discovered on a bench by the baseball field and a table by the volleyball court at Pacheco.

“I agree,” said Councilor John Beauregard of moving the project forward.

Council President Kimberly Alves asked if the cameras themselves could be vandalized. Previous, older model cameras at the park’s concession stand were destroyed by a vandal.

“The person who beat the hell out of the camera was already filmed,” Pendergast said, noting that at least the equipment can catch those responsible.

Pendergast noted that wifi will now also be available at Scouter’s Hall, a building adjoining the park where the town could establish a multi-generational facility.

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  1. Big Brother is watching you! If I still lived there I would be against this . I grew up at the rec field and it was part of growing up I am glad they didn’t have cameras back then we all would probably be in jail

  2. MCC – maybe you should get the names of your communities right before defending them; it’s quite the insult.

    Also, strong-arming the town into a civil settlement doesn’t prove anything. It’s a case of he said / she said. And then the lawyers amplify it and win through monetary awards.

    It’s amazing to me how you and “Lieutenant BM” can take ANY article or story and make it about how bad John and Claire are I wonder who is giving you your marching orders……

    Have you opened one of your two homes to migrant families ?

    • Spot on Doug B. It appears those sanctimonious and superior beings have all the answers, as they utilize their digital soapboxes to relentlessly foster despair in NS ad nauseam. The installation of cameras is a positive development and progress in town, something we sadly see far too little of. So let’s twist the narrative to suit never-ending personal vendettas? A common thread embraced by those individuals and once again on display here, and yes, driven by that individual as you accurately allude to with your “marching orders” reference.

      “As a matter of fact, several women have brought this up, some serving in volunteer positions, some serving in elected positions, etc.” It appears accusations can be presented as truth when the truly virtuous have the floor.

      • Thanks for the promotion Doug B. It’s a shame that the self appointed pit-bulls and others seem to think that residents, such as myself and Mary, can’t critically think for ourselves/themselves and come to the same conclusion on our own, while also trying to continue to push a false narrative that residents take marching orders from someone else. I’m sorry that calling out bigotry and other hate speech is against your beliefs and is tolerated.

        • “Self appointed pit bulls”

          You and MCC should look in the mirror.

          Maybe your new alias could be Oliver Twist.

          How often do you meet with your empirical internet leader to get your orders?

          • Those are their words that they’ve used for the last couple of election cycles, not mine. Once again, you try to keep pushing that same false narrative. Why are you trying to connect dots that don’t exist? Why are you so angry at everyone? Do you need to talk to a chaplain about anything? I’m looking out for your health here. The two of you seem really stressed out about zero tolerance items that you’re trying to defend.

  3. Hopefully someday Pacheco’s little kids park will have repairs, I reported it two years ago the steps were cracked, should we wait til a little one gets cut from it?
    This is as important as cameras, let’s improve this very popular park everyone!

    • Better to do something and be insulted than to do nothing. Thank you Henry B. And to Veritas, yes! Unlike you, I am worried about the possibility that a 13 year old, or anyone at any age, would carve swastikas and write “niggers,” on benches. For God’s sake we have TC members that espouse bigotry and a TA that has a lawsuit pending for sexual harassment! Let’s not pretend that this doesn’t exist or is just a childish prank, these behaviors become more ingrained if not stopped and confronted.

      • That’s some serious ‘call the cops because a black dude was walking his dog’ energy going on there..

        So far you have done much more to spread the gospel of this individual’s actions than anything else, which I’m sure will serve as a deterrent to these scoundrels!

        They’re kids, they learn a new bad word or see a bad symbol, and then they use it to be edgy. Nobody would have noticed. It’s not criminal. The ADF are vapid colonialists, at best, looking for your donation I’m certain. If someone starts burning crosses, please let us all know.

  4. It is about time that we put cameras on these parks to catch the individuals that are espousing racism, sexism and anti-semitism. The Anti- Defamation League was unaware that swastikas had been carved into the benches until I reported it to them a week after they were observed. We also have had white nationalist postings in this town a year or so ago. There is no place for this in North Smithfield and everyone should work to fight against this type of behavior. And if caught, juvenile or not, there must be consequences.

      • I’m worried that other people would think it’s appropriate behavior and see that it’s allowed. I’m also worried that it could have escalated if there was no remedy for the actions. It’s bad enough when two of the current sitting council members and the current administrator passed a racist resolution, which was then taken back after the town became a laughing stock of the world.

    • Mary that council member does not espouse racism. She made public statements on the radio against groups protesting in support of Hamas terrorist on college campuses who just killed over 1,200 innocent Israeli citizens including many children. She’s a wonderful woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and does not deserve your accusations. And for that matter neither does the TA. Last I checked people are innocent until proven guilty.

      • John, if you were not listening that day that she spoke of “shipping their ….back to their own countries,” nor the day she was denigrating and insulting Gabe Amo and his family, maybe you should ask for the transcript, but they do not keep one. These are not accusations John, they are truths. It is highly unlikely that the TC member remembered the remarks as stated. I listened, I know. The apology she made was sincere, but I am not sure that wearing your heart on your sleeve negates the behavior. Not to mention the dust up with the LGBTQ community previously. And of course the TA is innocent until proven guilty, but the judge agreed that the case was with merit and should proceed. As a matter of fact, several women have brought this up, some serving in volunteer positions, some serving in elected positions, etc. I think everyone in town is awaiting that monetary verdict, if it happens and I believe that everyone in town will be looking forward to hearing the amount of money that we will be paying out if the innocent has been found guilty.

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