Sunday cartoon: Stay clear of fire trucks kids


BURRILLVILLE – It’s extremely important that kids are aware of the hazards and dangers related to approaching or being near fire trucks and rescue vehicles while on the scene of a fire or other emergency situation.

During the course of the year, firefighters attend and host community events as well as attend fire safety days at grade schools across the state of Rhode Island and other states with fire trucks and rescue vehicles to teach kids about fire safety. During these popular events, kids are allowed to climb up inside fire trucks and hold fire apparatus in their hands. Firefighters often sound their fire truck alarms and turn on their overhead and flashing lights to attract the children and entertain them with the lights, horns and sirens. These events are closely monitored by firefighters and first responders, and children are rarely ever in harm’s way.

This is not the case during an actual emergency. We always see kids and families near these structure fires and emergency responses on television news stories. They can also come too close to fire trucks and rescue vehicles on scene. Many times, there are additional fire trucks and rescue vehicles arriving on the scene, along with police vehicles and police officers, all trying to keep everyone safe while keeping themselves safe in the process. Frantic and dangerous situations can lead to many unforeseen injuries that may not have happened if people kept their distance during emergency responses. Kids may think it’s just like when firefighters and rescue personnel showed up at their grade schools or community events, and not realize the dangers that may occur if not properly distancing themselves from fire trucks and rescue vehicles. Rescue vehicles may arrive and leave on route to hospitals to save a life during any emergency. Do not get in their way.

Kids should always stay clear and stay safe by avoiding fire trucks and rescue vehicles during an emergency. Let the brave firefighters do their jobs, keeping everyone else safe too. Hear sirens? Stay away from on-scene fire trucks, rescue vehicles and police vehicles.

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