Ghost drama: Resignations, social media posts have fans questioning changes at The Conjuring House

Cody DesBiens and Satori Hawes spoke about their experience in a video posted on Facebook Thursday.

BURRILLVILLE – A profanity-laced social media post by the The Conjuring House following a decision by several involved with the business to severe ties has fans questioning how the allegedly haunted Burrillville property at the focus of the enterprise is being operated.

The 300-year-old farmhouse on Round Top Road now known at The Conjuring House came to fame following release of the 2013 Warner Bros. hit horror film of the same name. The movie was inspired by the experience of the Perrons, a family who lived there in the 1970s, and an investigation of the property by well-known paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Situated in what was once a quiet rural neighborhood, the house first became a commercial enterprise after Maine-based paranormal investigators Cory and Jennifer Heinzen bought it for $439,000 from former owner Norma Sutcliffe. Under the Heinzens’ management, the house was opened to visitors for tours and overnight stays, with high-profile investigations conducted by big-name celebrities in the paranormal field, including the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventurers.

Boston-based real estate developer Jacqueline Nuñez bought the 8.5 acre property and accompanying ghostly business from the Heinzens for $1.5 million in 2022. The Heinzens stayed involved, and Nuñez increased the list of guest “experiences,” to include exploration of the grounds, “ghamping,” and more.

But the Heinzens were among a group of seven involved who announced they had cut ties with the house in a post on social media in June. A note signed by the couple, along with Satori Hawes, Cody DesBiens, Reed Boettger, Steve Mills and Erin Bush stated, “To correct rumors that are circulating, it is with heavy hearts that we must inform everyone that we decided to sever ties with The Conjuring House due to our own experiences within that work environment.”

“Our connection to the spirits of the house remains strong, and we deeply desire for their stories to be told with respect and care,” continued the note. “We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of love and support from all of you. Rest assured, we will continue our work within the paranormal community with the utmost love, respect, honesty, and integrity.”

Another local celebrity among paranormal enthusiasts, Bill Brock, shared the post saying, “I am adding myself to this list.”

On Wednesday, July 10, in what appeared to be a reaction to the post, the business Facebook page published a long rant filled with expletives, leading to hundreds of comments noting a lack of professionalism.

“TCH is the most famous haunted location in the world,” the business stated. “We attract hundreds of people from around the globe per month to Burrillville, Rhode Island to partake in one of our f%^&ing experiences.”

“We really do not care about people who abuse and attack people; we consider them evil and wicked people,” it continued. “In fact, we never want any person with these personality afflictions to visit us at TCH. So, if you are among the wicked mood personality challenged then stay away.”

“I am not apologetic that I needed to turnover the first wave of TCH staff,” noted the business. “Among the reasons for the dismissal of these people were cruel and hateful verbal abuse towards others, and suspecting that some staff were fraudulent in their investigative methods.”

“I will never be defeated or destroyed now or at any time in the f&$#ing future. So f#@$ing be it.”

The Heinzens later addressed the business’s statement in a video.

“None of us were fired despite what she’s saying,” Jennifer Heinzen said of Nuñez. “We’ve been very nice up until this point. We’ve been very professional. But we will defend ourselves.”

“This was our baby,” she added. “This was something we started and we handed it off to someone we thought was perfect for it. We just can’t sit back and watch anymore.”

In a second video posted by Hawes and Cody DesBiens, DesBiens said the group actually resigned in April and worked their last day at the Round Top Road property in May.

“We didn’t say anything,” he said. “We didn’t want to create any drama.”

“We have been kind enough to not talk about our side of things,” said Hawes. “Now lies are being told. We’re going to tell the truth because for the last six months we have not been able to.”

The group has said more information will be reveled in a video on Jason Hawes’s YouTube channel on Friday, July 12 starting at 8 p.m.

Nuñez had not respond on Thursday to some 720 comments about the Wednesday post. Her business currently offers 1-hour tours for $25; extended tours for $45; overnight weekday stays at $960 a night for up to six people or $1,280 on Fridays and Saturdays for up to eight people, as well as a variety of additional experiences.

“We look forward to hosting all of the good and morally upright people because the world is filled with such people much more than the hateful, wicked, and low-density people that should look in the mirror rather than rage at the people, animals, communities and habitats surrounding them,” the business noted. “TCH remains eternally grateful to Rhode Island, Burrillville and every other town and community that supports Freedom of Expression for their residents and their businesses.”

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  1. “TCH is the most famous haunted location in the world”

    Not even close. Locally, the Lizzie Borden House gets many, many more visitors than TCH. The Catacombs in Paris gets thousands of visitors yearly. This chick is delusional and a whack-job.

  2. Very sad indeed, I believe more what Jason Hawes and his family say than someone who lies about something easy to verify.

  3. She’s lost her damn mind…now she needs to lose the business. This is NOT how you treat past staff or potential customers. I wanted to go to TCH, but will not set foot there while it is owned by this woman.

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